I figured since I still have subscribers and hits on this site that I would make a shop announcement here. I opened shop at etsy today. I am slowly building up inventory so my shop remains searchable and doesn’t age together in a clump. But there are a few things, and every day there will be a couple more. Check me out. Tell your friends. Please?

Little Red Wren

Credit goes to Wendy for the amazing product pictures and beautiful banner! Speaking of Wendy, she has fun stuff in store for her blog. I would highly recommend adding her to your feeds.

I’ve been thinking about it a long time, and I think I’ve decided something that is bound to be annoying to you readers. You guessed it, I’m going private. It’s not for any scary reasons, just a bunch of things that bug me about having a public blog. I think it’ll all happen in the next week or so that I will close this site and reopen another private one. So if you want to be included (why wouldn’t you?), leave a comment on this post and don’t forget to include your email address.

Thanks, peeps.

Emphasis on the reuse. What do you do with the empty pickle jar that is leftover from your pregnancy? Clean it out, spray the lid, and…

…turn it into a piggy bank! I had my eye on this, it is a very cute Jonathon Adler rip-off and not THAT pricey, but I kinda like my recycled craving jar. Wren gets our pennies and every so often a little bit more.

Lamp B & A


Here is one of the other finds we got from garage sale-ing last weekend.

Before (ugly), bronze with a cracked yellowed shade that we threw out as soon as we got home.

After (cute) Greg painted it orange and we added a shade from Target. I had been eyeing these, so this project made me pretty happy.

I forced Greg to go garage sale-ing on Saturday. The women in my family have a tradition of forcing our husbands to wake up with the kids on Saturday mornings, and this Saturday was no different at our house. You’d think that would make garage sale-ing hard, but here’s my secret: the later you go, the cheaper/free-er the loot. Greg and I went out looking for three specific things and found two of them. I have been hoping to find some sort of danish modern chairs for our front room but knew we would probably have to settle on something to fix up, which was fine. Well, we drove by one garage sale and I noticed that there was another one across the street with the chair of my dreams. When I RAN from the car to ask about it, the lady selling it admitted she had another one.

I may eventually reupholster them, but I actually love the original upholstery and it is in great condition! Here is my favorite view:

Greg installed floors in my dad’s office a few weeks ago and my dad asked if we wanted the old carpet. Greg cut a square out and now we have a nice soft spot for Wren to play in the front room. She went crazy when Greg brought it inside, she was so excited to play in a different room for once! I am going crazy because my house has come together a little bit more the way I imagined it. We moved the bench that used to sit in the living room into our kitchen and it has all of Wren’s books in it. I picture her sitting and reading while I make dinner nearby someday.

Check back in a few days to see a little before and after on the other items we found garage sale-ing. And I’ll have something else to show you in a month after I give it away to my sister for her birthday! I told you it was a good day for garage sales.

(p.s. Happy Birthday to my sweet Mom! I love you, even if you probably won’t read this for another three months.)



Because Jana decided to open up her very own knitty goodness shop on etsy! I am amazed that she pulled it together so quickly – it is a beautiful little shop. Who wouldn’t want one of her sweet beanies on their head/ their baby’s head? Or one of her purses on their arm? Or to have their cell snuggled up in one of her socks? Or to be snuggled up in that teensy baby cozy? I know I would want all three, at the same time even.


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